Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weather Obsession and a Case of Insane Plant Love

Last Saturday, we got about two inches of rain in just a couple of hours. It came down so fast that my backyard and garden very quickly flooded. I was just standing on my back porch watching the torrential downpour and trying not to panic. I just wasn't sure that my poor little plants and seedlings could take it.
When the rain finally subsided, I quickly threw on my garden boots and ran to check on my babies. The corn and sunflowers were fine. There was standing water between the rows, but since I had anticipated that problem, I had built the rows up a little. Cukes, squash, zucchini, okra, watermelon and bell peppers were all fine. Once again, a little standing water but not near the plants. Then I took a look at my tomatoes and I nearly had a heart attack! My little babies that I had taken such good care of and grown from seed were laying in the dirt. I just stood there staring, almost in tears at the prospect of losing all of those beautiful plants.  I walked down the rows and then gently lifted one of my plants from the ground. I then realized that the stems were not broken but the leaves were caked in mud that was weighting them down. I very carefully went over each of my 16 little plants and gently brushed the dirt from the leaves. Later that afternoon, they were standing up straight and happy again! 

We have more rain in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, but they're a little bigger and stronger so I think they'll be alright. Now, my biggest concern is a forecasted low of 41 degrees tomorrow night. I'm working on a strategy to get everything covered to protect from the potential frost. We have tarps, some old bed sheets and stakes. I should be able to rig adequate plant covers from those items. 

Best of luck to the fellow Georgia gardeners this weekend... The weather will be crazy but with the right prep work and diligence we should all be able to keep our plants safe, happy and ready to provide a bountiful harvest!

***UPDATE***  April 6, 2012 5:30pm
Latest weather forecast in my area is calling for a low of 46 degrees with a light wind which means no danger of frost!!! Phew... that is a huge relief. My plants are safe...from frost damage anyway!

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