Friday, April 20, 2012

Good News and Bad News



The week before last, my husband, the kids and I took a week long (and much needed) vacation to the Florida Keys. While we were gone, my mother-in-law watered the garden for me since we had absolutely no rain that week. I tried not to worry about the garden too much while we were gone and only called to check on it a couple of times. I came home to mostly good plants... My son's watermelon looked great, some of the tomato plants had flowers (one even has a few very tiny tomatoes), The squash and the zucchini are doing great. They have big healthy leaves and very strong stems. Corn looks ok, but more on that later. I'm also not sure about the's off to a slow start but I believe they should be one of the last plants ready for harvesting.  

tomato flowers
Now for the bad news... all but two hills of my cucumbers are dead. I'm not sure what went wrong. They were in the same section as the squash and zucchini (which are all doing fabulous) so they had the same amount of sunlight and water. Normally, I would think it was something I had done wrong. Especially considering the fact that I am a novice vegetable gardener. However, it does seem odd that I lost 80% of the cucumbers and nothing, I'm just going to assume that I got some bad seeds. I removed all but the 2 good hills, raked it and rebuilt the hills (a little further apart this time) and replanted 8 hills today. I'm going to stop by our local nursery tomorrow to see if they have some transplants available.

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