Saturday, February 25, 2012

My first full Veggie Garden

I am determined to have fresh, organic, nutritious veggies for my family this year. I have done exhaustive research on the best veggies to plant for my families needs and for zone 8 (south Georgia), when and how to start my seeds, where to place my garden, and will be taking a soil sample to my local county extension office this week. I will post the results of the soil sample and what additives I need when I receive them. I used the following link to layout the plans for a basic 3x6 raised bed garden. Mine will probably be slightly larger but still, it's a good layout.

Gardener's Supply Kitchen Garden Planner Garden Designer

The above is my basic plan for the main garden (bell peppers, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, squash and zucchini). I am also adding 3 rows of corn on the north side of the garden. I chose the north side because the corn grows so tall that I don't want it to shade the other plants too much. I also plan to incorporate marigolds in the main garden to help naturally ward off pests and several rows of sunflowers to the south to help attract pollinating insects.

I bought my seeds this week and will start the bell peppers and tomatoes tomorrow. All of the plants except for corn and sunflowers will be started indoors. We've had an extremely mild winter, but I still want to get an early start on the actual plants.

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